Saturday, December 29, 2007


On Christmas Eve night I got to open one present. It was from my Uncle Jeff who came to spend the night. It was a Ben 10 character. His name is Benwolf. He is really cool. Here's a picture of him.

The next day my Uncle and I opened our stockings. He got a screaming Homer pen that says "Ahhhh This is the greatest day of my life." I got two packs of Skittles and Benwolf ate them all. He said they were yummy.

When it was time to open presents, my mom came. My mom is nice. She's brown but I don't live with her. She lives near Old Town. I love her. I couldn't believe all the presents she brought me. My favorite thing that she gave me is a Block Zone. Here's a picture of my mom. She is very pretty. She also gave me a helicopter that you control to try to pick up little boxes with a hook. I liked having her with us. It was fun.

My favorite present of all is one simple thing--a Boston Red Sox hat from my Uncle Jeff. He loves the Red Sox and so do I. They won the World Series this year in baseball. I like them because they are a good team and I like red. My friend Tyler likes them, too.

My grandparents got me something I really wanted. It is an I-Dog Pup. It does its own tunes, wobbles it head and reacts to music. Like this.......

Isn't he cute?

My tutor in Italy Valentina sent a present for me and one for my gramma and grandpa. When I opened it was a Leonardo da Vinci book. I really like Leonardo da Vinci things because I like to learn how t o make things like with my erector set. I've read 10 pages of it all ready with Yolanda my Italian tutor here. The book is in Italian.

After my Uncle Jeff's friend Sally came with her dog, Bear. It has a medium size body and very short legs. He can sit up on his rump and his front legs sticking up. It's really cute. Sally is very nice. She's fun to be with and so is Bear. When Bear is around, Scratch gets jealous.

When it was time for her to leave, Bear didn't want to leave. He was laying on the grass and didn't move cuz he wanted to stay with me.

My grandma got a game called Mancala. It is so fun. I beat her two times in a row.

It was a fun day and then I had to go to sleep. Then the next day I played with all my toys.

Bye--see you next time.


Giulia said...

Hi KZ!
This is Giulia from Italy, I just chatted with your granma and I realized it was a long time since I had last visited your blog!
Great photos you posted! How did you do that? You'll have to teach me next time we meet!
Have a very good 2008!!!

KZ said...

Cara Giulia,
Ho guardato al tuo blog. La mia nonna é stato molto tempo a fare quelle fotografie. Come stai? Come stanno tutti gli animali?
Felice anno nuovo.
Ciao, da Casey

Giulia said...

Gli animali stanno bene (immagino che avrai visto le foto dei nuovi gattini nel mio blog!).
Io sto bene e finalmente sono in vacanza! (io vado in vacanza in inverno invece che in estate perchè come sai in estate lavoro)
Spero di vedervi presto!

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Glad you are continuing your blog from San Diego.
Have you considered putting a counter on your blog that shows where in the world your readers live? I have one on my blog.
It is only about 80 days until Savannah! Looking forward to meeting you and your family there.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

Hi Chiaro of Moon, awesome idea. Me and my awesome grandma will check that out.

Why don't you have a place for comments on your blog?

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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